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In our journey, we have created award winning products from cupholders to grill accessories sold online at major retailers like Walmart and Amazon. We understand how frustrating it can be if you've ever come across an idea and had no clue where to start, we can help. We turn napkin ideas into physical prototypes and then into small-scale manufacturing where you can test and validate the market before investing more. We also offer in-house manufacturing with our sister company Millebot and a variety of other services. Come by and see us we are located in downtown Orlando where we offer 3D scanning, 3D CAD design and product consulting. We like social media and get your started from the ground level. Our services start at a reasonable price with advanced packages available to cater to all needs. Please reach out to us to see what we can do for you.

Our Services

CAD Design / 3D Renders

Start with a sketch. Our team of engineers are CAD design experts who can turn your sketch into a 3D model! CAD, or computer-aided design and drafting (CAD), is the use of computer technology for design and design documentation. We use current design software such as Autodesk Fusion 360, Sketchup Pro, ProfileLab, and others to build your ideas into something tangible.

Product Development / Build Prototype

We thrive on ideas, and on seeing them develop to their full potential. Brainstorming, strategizing, designing, prototyping; the Modern Inventor team has got you covered. With our diverse team of engineers, entrepreneurs, and tech geeks, we’re equipped to help you in every part of the product development stages.

Technology / Manufacturing Consulting

Your success is ours as well! Our digital product consultation sessions allow anyone to come to us any time of the day or night. Together, we strategize and create a business plan and a product plan that will maximize your growth potential, and get your product into the hands of the people that want it.

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What our clients say

Definitely the right guy for the job! Exceeded expectations at every level!

– Timothy N. Naples FL

Easy to work with and gets the job done.

Josh K. Naples FL

The architecture firm I work for had a business proposal, and we needed a small project done to impress investors and clients. Within hours, I had my 3D printed product in-hand, and I was ready for the presentation thanks to the Modern Inventor team. I will certainly use them and their 3D Printing services moving forward.

Christhy Rivera Strollo Architects

I hired the Modern Inventor team for their product consultation service. They were approachable, excited, and ready to help! Thanks to Andy and his team, I am now equipped with the resources I need to move forward in developing my product. I highly recommend doing business with them!

Elyssa Coultas Orlando Dev Web Design Agency |

We are a team of engineers, designers, and big-picture thinkers.

Located in Downtown Orlando Florida and Winter Park Florida. Servicing clients from around the world.

We make custom prototypes and offer a "start-to-finish" product design consulting service. We bring ideas to life, combining custom electronics, metal parts, composites, sensors, and robotics.

Our process is a combination of years of experience hands-on with ideas building scale prototypes. Will use CAD software like Autodesk Fusion 360 in addition to digital calipers accurately sketch ideas and combine with existing components. There are different techniques when creating a product, sometimes you don't need to create the entire thing, this not only saves time but gets you to market quicker. Having an experienced designer comes in handy when you want to save time and cut development cost. Many steps and uncertainties can be reduced simply by having a great designer on your team. A simplistic design shape allows you to start making sales quicker. Let's talk about the best sales strategies available, it would be fun. We stay up-to-date and learn from many authors in a wide range of areas such as business, marketing, strategy, science, philosophy. Combining all of these ideas into your design accelerates your time to market. So reach out to us, we'd love to know you more about you and your project.