3D Printing

And you thought onions had layers…

3D printing products is cost-effective, custom, and just plain captivating! Send us your ideas, your sketches, or full-on designs, and we can produce your product with our legion of 3D printers; large and small.

Our 3D printing services are one-of-a-kind: we are equipped to cater to any project...

We are the creators and minds behind the Millebot 3D Printer. A massive machine that's housed inside an industrial shipping container. Due to it's sheer size, mobility, and sturdy platform, it allows us to venture into an entirely new field of design opportunities!

No matter how big...

We are the creators of the Millebot; a massive, mobile 3D printer!

…or small.

We've got all of your 3D printing covered! We're the creators of the massive Milllebot; a massive 3D printer, so large the frame is a shipping container. We can literally print all and all of your ideas, no matter how big or small!

The process itself is captivating. We load up your design, select the thickness of each layer, the physical material - which can vary from metals, plastics, clay, or even wood - then start the machine.

A few thousands of layers later, you have your product!

Definitely the right guy for the job! Exceeded expectations at every level!

– Timothy N. Naples FL

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