Downtown Orlando Product Design

Like you, we started off as someone with an idea. An idea of something great but no means of creation. So we have taken it upon ourselves to develop the skills and do what is necessary to create not only the idea but the ideal life. Life is about having freedom. Freedom to express ourselves through creation and design. At Modern Inventor you'll learn not just how to create products and sell them online, but you'll learn the philosophy that makes up the mindset. Have you ever found yourself with an idea and no way of creating it? Trust us, we've been there before. After countless hours of experiments and business ventures we finally have a solution for aspiring inventors. Learn how to design, create , market and sell your product ideas. Cash in on your ideas today with the knowledge and know-how. We are all inventors at heart. There are so many things to innovate and re-create and you could be the one with the next great idea! Learn how to do it yourself or offer it as a service. The inventing process is constantly changing as new technologies and opportunities become available, be ready when that happens. Learn step by step how we do it. And how you can invent in your part-time. Based in downtown Orlando Florida. Just minutes away from Disney.