The Process

Once upon a time…

Products like the Millebot, the EVAmped Tesla Console, and the Tank Tire ring were just ideas. The beauty of design, technology, and of bringing a team like the Modern Inventors together, is that anything is possible.

We want to push boundaries and achieve new heights! With our equipment, and team of excited inventors, engineers, and designers, we can bring any idea into the world. Our goal is to bring advanced technology to your doorstep, so everyone has an opportunity to invent their ideas and design their dreams.

To start a project all you need are basic sketches and concept of your idea. If you have measurements, great! We take your ideas and draw them in 3D software. Here, you are able to see how your product will look via image rendering and video animation. Once approved we work towards fabrication of your prototype using available technologies like 3D printing, CNC, laser, etc.

We've simplified an advanced process, and turned it into just three, easy steps!


Reach out to us with your idea, business plan, product outline, or even a napkin sketch.

That's all it takes!

After a review of your message, and of your product, we will touch base with you to give you our product proposal.



Prototyping is an integral part of the process, and one that we take very seriously. We work tirelessly to ensure that we maximize the potential for your product.


Once you're happy with the design, then comes the fun part: we build your product!

From idea…

…to invention

An invention, and it's success, usually stems from a problem that should be addressed. The Tesla 3D Printed Console was once just an idea, birthed from inconvenience. Today, it helps thousands of Tesla owners worldwide.

We know that every project is different, so we want to hear from you! We make sure that the process goes smoothly from step one, by ensuring that communication is clear throughout the entire process.

We'll shoot a few ideas your way, and a prototype of your product. Once you're satisfied with our prototype, we dive into small-scale production (up to 100 units), and/or refer you to a manufacturing partner.

It’s no fairy tale!

Let's talk about how we can design a new future, together.