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Free 15 Minute Consultation

Get started today. Our process is simple and we offer free 15 minute consultation to help determine if your project is something we can handle.

Send us an email: moderninventor @


This includes 1 hour of design Consulting and conceptual drawings. Conceptual drawings will be in the form of sketches and or CAD sketches. With this package, you will understand the limits and boundaries of your idea and what is available right now. Typically this process can take between three to five days. Depending on the project at the end of this process you will have a conceptual design to work with.
You receive sketches and initial 3D concept. Files are emailed directly to your email.

Extras Purchase 3D Design File: $500
Additional Hours: Rate $500 /hrly. (Minimum 2 hours)


Here we go more advanced into the design and creation of your product. Here we will be able to spend more time on the details and features. Making things to exact measurements in really fine tuning Cynthia Diaz on paper and software. In this package will be included 3D a renders, 3D animations and or high definition video of your product. Every product project is different so we will negotiate and talk about what your project entails. This process package will also include scheduling weekly meetings where we talked about your idea and how we can push it along. Also included are lynx and researched Lynx to suppliers and vendors for different components of your product. We offer in-house manufacturing and could also give you a quote as well. However, there are times where you want to use something off the shelf. We will talk more about this during the project.
-Components list and sourcing information included.
-We offer sketches and initial 3D concept.
-Files are emailed directly to you WITHOUT Modern Inventor watermark
-Additional Hours: Rate $500 $300 /hrly. (Minimum 2 hours)