Are You A Modern Inventor?

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When you are in a state of development you’ll find yourself asking many questions.

Who Am I, What am I trying to accomplish, Am I doing the right things?

These are the types of questions individuals who have a high sense of awareness tend to ask. Sometimes when we reevaluate our actions we try to either ignore the greater truth or continue to do what we’re doing. For the innovators and do’ers out there, you’re not the only one.

Keep asking yourself the question and keep finding the answers. I know for me, finding this answer would basically be like finding enlightenment because once you know who you are and what you really stand for, the universe will grant you unlimited energy to do whatever it is necessary to accomplish your mission.

You have to realize you play a greater role in this world, not just in your job but to society, your family and the people around you. Become the base of change. Become the catalyst of development and help people unblock their inner truths by breaking past your fears.

Fear is what keeps us from becoming who we want to be so the sooner you can recognize that there is development to be done and can break past the fear the sooner you’ll start living your truth.

Being a Modern Inventor does not mean you necessarily “invent” things in the sense of filing patents and trademarks, but for people who can innovate their way out of weird and often awkward situations. Solving problems for people and of course your own.


You may already be an Modern Inventor, “MI” for short.

  • Discover truth by looking inward
  • Live a simple uncluttered life
  • Letting go of the past
  • Adaptable
  • Reading and learning from others
  • Always seeking to advance and become better
  • To travel and observe
  • To appreciate beauty and design
  • To love fully
  • To execute fully

To know that the truth will set you free. And the truth is within you, you just have to find it. You already have everything you need to succeed. What stops you are limiting beliefs and the frame of mind that helps you propel past any deep insecurities.

If you feel that you’re on the right path but just need the missing link I hope this finds you well.


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