CAD Design

Our CAD Designers are ready for you!

Our expert, for-hire design agency is ready to build your ideas, using the most up-to-date technology and design software systems. Computer-generated, 3D modeling allows our engineers to create your concept, and prepare it for prototyping and manufacturing.

The technology and CAD design software that we use, allows us to virtually build your product before any resources (aside from time) are utilized. This means you have ultimate control over the precision of your design!

We comprise realistic 3D renders and/or 2D vectors of your concept, which allows you to see your product, before we start to manufacture it!

G6 Stabilizer

A client came to us months ago with an issue: He wanted to record video with his tablet, but could not find a method of maintaining proper balance with any current product on the market. The G6 stabilizer was designed to stabilize phones, tablets, and other mobile recording devices while shooting video, or taking pictures. Just snap your camera, phone, or tablet into place and hold it along the length of your arm, with the end nestled in your elbow.

This 3D motion graphic, depicts what you, as our client, would receive after pitching an idea our way. We can draft up a 3D animation, or a 2D vector for your convenience. You are in the driver's seat from step one!

You're in control! And the process is simple, you just need an idea!

The nuts & bolts

Engineers, architects, inventors, and designers must all be equipped with the proper software and hardware to do the job: and we're sure locked and loaded! We use advanced technology, design software, and innovative hardware to get you the most accurate results.

  • Autodesk
  • Fusion 360
  • CAD ( Computer Aided Design )
  • Millebot 3D Printer

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