How I received my first cryptocurrency

I received by first Bitcoin payment in Feb 2015.  I sold a 3D printed item for $30 bucks and the buyer asks if I accept Bitcoin. I had no clue what this was, but I trusted him and received 0.13086 Bitcoin (BTC).  Two years and a half years later (11/22/17) this same Bitcoin (BTC) is worth over 1,064.41! That’s a three thousand five hundred forty-six percent growth! I have used this money to invest in a product called the “BTC Mining Package” by USI-Tech. It pays a daily passive income of 1% on your money. USI Tech is a Bitcoin Mining & Forex/Trading Company That Has Been Operating 8+ Years.

  • Feb 2015 to Nov 2017
  • 21 Month Growth  = 3,546%  percent
  • +16.88% per month avg
  • $30 dollars USD = $1,064 dollars USD with Bitcoin (Nov. 22, 2017)