G6 Camera Stabilizer for DSLR & iPad 3D Scanner

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The idea came 6 years ago when I feel in love with cameras. After countless hours playing C.O.D. and shooting photography an idea came to mind one day after seeing my friends record video footage with DSLR.


The idea happened with I combined rear shoulder stock with camera. We called it the G6 Stabilizer. At the time, the song “Fly like a G6” was popular so the name was fitting. We even had a chance to party with Far East Movement in Tampa one crazy evening. So here is the G6 again today but on a new mission. A mission to become the first stabilizer designed for 3D scanning.




The G6 stabilizer gives you upper and lower gripping handles for a super steady shot. Hold your 3D scanner easier with single hand operation. Additional accessories will be available to allow for more shooting angles and even multi-axis stabilization.


  • The model was then modified to incorporate any new design features and was drawn to a near exact replica of the original.
  • Once the unit was in a 3D model the next step was to create a story board and demonstrate how it can be used in a 3D scanning application, for example scanning an arm, leg or full body.
  • With the G6 you have full control of your 3D scanner and singe hand operation for high and low shots. Helps you keep a steady shot for maximum clarity in less time.


Beginning the project

Here are original images of Prototype G6 Stabilizer mounted with Structure 3D scanner and iPad Air 2 combo.



Here is a picture of the G6 Stabilizer as it is today. By using a photograph we were able to reverse-engineer the design into a 3-dimensional model.

Combined the Structure scanner with the G6 stabilizer and you have an On-demand 3D scanning system with single hand operation with enhanced shooting ability.

With some modeling magic we were able to replicate the G6 stabilizer prototype into a 3D model. Here we are still reverse-engineering all the components to make it as accurate as possible.




The reason was because originally the stabilizer was designed to be used to be like this. But due to the large screen of the iPad it made much more sense to lower its center of gravity by flipping the unit over. Giving the user a more eye level view of the screen as well as enhancing mobility.


Flipped design gives the user a more eye level view of the screen.



The rear aluminum tail was becoming annoying so we countersunk it into the body. Here are some shots.


Finally, the iPad 3D Scanner assembled and digitally installed on the G6 Stabilizer.


Rear view of  G6 Stabilizer system mounted with iPad


Once we were happy with the model we decided to whip up the story board for our product animation video.

Animation Video Storyboard

  1. Showing the unit
  2. How it functions
  3. The scanning process
  4. Comparison with and without


Once we settled on the scenes it was time to set up the scene and lighting for the animation. We are rendering and using Unity. At this stage we have yet again unlimited choices for backgrounds and colors. We wanted to go with something clean, but against a lightly colored body it appeared to lack contrast so we decided to experiment with several colors.

Here we were trying to figure out what the best color was for background. Tried quite a few. Finally we settled on this royal grey purple color.




Product Animation video | V1

Sample Scan: