MILLE Giant Portable 3D Printer

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We took this from idea to physical machine that measures 8ft x 8.5ft x 20ft with a build size of 6ft x 6ft x 11.5ft. It is quite large considering most 3D printers focus on how many inches it could print, our machine measures it in feet!

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“With multiple printers at your command you posses power to print a small fleet of vehicles,” says Tran.

The idea is a marvelous one; one which could dramatically increase the mobility of 3D printing, while also greatly reducing the production costs associated with the machines themselves. There has been a lot made about the feasibility of large 3D printers. The idea is a good one, but when reality kicks in, very few people have a place to store and/or operate machines of such large scale. The potential of turning these shipping containers into printers themselves, could kill several birds with one stone. Conceivably a container could be stored in one’s backyard, garage, or driveway. They could be stacked, decorated, and customized however a user would like.


With some design magic we created a new logo to represent “MILLE”


Design evolves.. Here is the design we settled on for our T-Shirt.



“Shipping containers offer a super rigid frame,” Tran tells us. “When you start building a large machine, one of the largest costs is the frame. The Mille solves this with its design and uses a watertight weather proof shipping container hull. 3D printer hardware bolts directly to the steel walls. Shipping containers offer standard interior and exterior sizes so virtually any container can be retrofitted.”




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