EVAmped Quick-Install Cupholder for Tesla

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If you’re wondering how I got involved working on products for the Tesla here’s how it went!

So I’m walking around the Mercado in Naples Florida one day with my former GF and there was this magnificent yellow Lamborghini Aventador in matte yellow. The car looks quite incredible with its convertible top and covered with rally stickers. I went ahead to snap a picture for my Instagram and tagged #lamborghini #naplesfl #naples

The owner of the yellow lambo notices that I’m new to town and says we should meet up sometime. I thought it was a cool opportunity but never acted on it. So I go on my business posting about product design and development and he reaches out to me one day and we link up. Scott and Nick were real cool and easy to work with. Within 2 weeks we had our first prototype installed in the Tesla.

It was kind of like the universe working harmoniously because the prototype part fit perfectly the first time and looked great!

We knew we were onto something. So we proceeded to meet up the following weeks and refine the product. We worked through several versions before finalizing on a design. Once we all agreed on the final design we sought manufacturers who could produce the raw component for us. We found a local US manufacturer and happy to say we produce this unit in the United States.

Once we have the raw core, the next step is to improve the units with full upholstery.

Our choice of upholstery was a black leatherette with grey stitching to match the OEM interior of the Tesla.

The design we created was a simple hour glass shape. The design is very subtle and flows with the original interior.

All of our console trims are hand finished and packed for the customer.

More #Tesla products going out the door!! #evamped #cupholder #teslamotors

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We have had alot of success with this product with many satisfied customer reviews. Buyers come from all places around the world where Tesla exist. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that there are hundreds of people with this console in their car. EVamped has successfully improved an already amazing vehicle like the Tesla by giving it more utility.

The price for this project was very reasonable and we were able to move quickly.

If you have an idea for a new product maybe we can help.












Walked into Tesla one day with our console and this is what happened. This is the Winter Park Orlando Tesla Center. One day I plan to order my own Tesla. Gotta get more consoles to more Tesla owners!


This is the first picture of our proto-type console. Little did we know it would become a huge hit within the Tesla communities and that we would go to make and sell hundreds of them!evamped_tesla_console_ipad_holder

With the handy EVamped console you can hold an iPad on long road trips for non-strop movies and excitement!

Evamped Console.jpg

The first prototype console fit like a glove one the first try. My then clients were very pleased with the results an we continued to develop to make it even better.

After several more prototypes with different materials we settled on a high quality EVA foam, same material used in yoga mats. It offered UV resistance, light weight, and closed-cell material which means it doesn’t absorb any fluids and bacteria cannot grow on it.

Here is our ludicrous model. The top of the line EVamped console with custom upholstery and onboard LED lights. No wires!



More images of the unit installed in the rear of the Tesla Model S.


The console installs by wedging itself between the original Tesla front center console and the rear seat floor. Our unique design securely plants the console at the lowest center of gravity and does not move once installed. It can be single-handedly installed in under 3 seconds.


We created an animation video of our soon to be released Front center console insert. This new console follows the original design and is a quick-install unit. The installation can be done without any tools and can be installed or removed in a matter of seconds. ™

3D Animation

Since we work with 3D modeling and design lets go ahead and make a “How to install” 3D animation. It was a fun project thats been a build up of all the things we’ve learned along the way. By taking an idea and turning it to 3D model you can demonstrate and do anything. I believe its one of the best ways to communicate an idea and of course nowadays you can 3D print things..


Sitting in the rear seat in a Tesla P85D.Having some fun in the Tesla.

Long road trip with your phone keys and wallet. Plus two drinks! Panoramic roof is great. Comfortable. The console sits flush to the floor and wedges between the front center console and rear seat base.